How to Switch to 100% Renewable Electric Power

Several Texas utilities now offer power produced from renewable sources. It generally costs more than power generated from fossil fuel burning plants, but a growing number of consumers are electing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly power.

When you choose to buy renewable energy, you are telling your electric company that you want a certain percentage of your power to come from renewable resources, in this case 100%.  That percentage of renewable power is then produced and placed onto the power grid.


  1. Make the decision to switch.
  2. Acknowledge that the switching may be complicated and stressful.
  3. Find someone knowledgeable and trusted who can serve as a guide.
  4. Go!

How to Switch Roadmap I – Project Management Method

  1. Review and understand past 12 months of electrical usage and costs.
  2. Review How to Switch information on the internet, such as
  3. Navigate ratings of various ratings of electrical plans available on internet.
  4. Identify parameters: Owner or renter; usage requirements; length of contract; termination fees; etc.

How to Switch Roadmap II – Jim Bob Style

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Hold hands with one of our CAT team members willing to help and support you.
  3. Go!

Roadmap III – Choosing a Plan